Vbulletin 3.6 WYSIWG Editor for Chrome Browsers

By Chris "MUG5" Maguire on June 27, 2012 in Tech / Coding Related
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Anyone familiar with the earlier versions of Vbulletin, will also be familiar with the fact that Chrome doesn’t support the WYSIWG editor. Instead of seeing how the finished product will look you see lots of VBCode all over the place. This makes it VERY hard for people not so code oriented to get anything done in Chrome and, let’s face it, Chrome is faster and better than Firefox. Firefox when running would use over 2GB of my RAM and slow my machine down, which isn;t a good thing for me. As such, this frustration led me to making this code fix for Vbulletin 3.6 but it would likely work on most versions, although I am not guaranteeing it will!

The only file you need to edit is FUNCTIONS.PHP and you need to make two additions.

1) Add:

‘chrome’ => 0,


‘safari’ => 0,

2) Add:

if (strpos($useragent, ‘chrome’) !== false)
preg_match(‘#(chrome)( browser)?/([0-9\.]+)#’, $useragent, $regs);
$is['firebird'] = $regs[3];

if ($regs[1] == ‘chrome’)
$is['chrome'] = $regs[3];


if (strpos($useragent, ‘opera’) !== false)
preg_match(‘#opera(/| )([0-9\.]+)#’, $useragent, $regs);
$is['opera'] = $regs[2];

And that’s it! After that you will see the WYSIWG editor looking all correct within Chrome.

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  • tobalsan

    Man, just … fantastic. I’ve been looking for getting that damn WYSIWYG editor to work in Chrome for AGES, came across non-working solutions or weird chrome plug-ins, and finally stumbled upon your article.

    Even though my vBulletin version is 4.0.1, it totally worked.
    I was so sick of having to launch Firefox to create or edit some heavy posts which would get unreadable after two lines.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this :)