Tune of the Day: Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights // Issue #77

By Chris "MUG5" Maguire on October 11, 2012 in Music
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“”Bright Lights” has single handedly just restored my faith in music today.”

Stop the presses – Rock and Roll is not dead. Right out of leftfield comes Gary Clark Jr., an artist who takes the best of one of the only other true Rock and Roll artists of the modern times, The Black Keys and mixes it up in a bowl with a pint of swagger and guitar playing skills that, you would swear came directly from Jimi Hendrix‘s own hands. So much so that you convince yourself that Gary Clark Jr. might in fact be the re-incarnation of Jimi Hendrix, that is if you believe in all of that shit.

I stumbled on Gary Clark Jr. whilst editing the review of his upcoming album Blak & Blu that we just pushed live and, after hearing “Bright Lights” as an embedded video as part of the review, I was instantaneously not only hooked on Gary Clark Jr. and his sound, but also with the possibilities that, even with all this internet fueled, anyone with a computer can release an album generation there are still REAL artists out there that are, well, really fucking awesome. The ones that aren’t surfing new styles and genres, that aren’t trying to sound just like the latest trend band on the block, but that are just doing what comes completely naturally to them – biding their time, not rushing anything, releasing what is inside their soul musically and taking it all at their own pace. Trust me, for me Gary Clark Jr. is a HUGE breath of fresh air and “Bright Lights” has single handedly just restored my faith in music today.

I could digress further but it’s taking away from both a song and an artist that you must listen to and get familiar with RIGHT NOW. It’s official…Rock and Roll is not dead people.

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