Hello my name is Chris...

Chris "MUG5" Maguire to be exact.

MUG5 in Philly - Photo by James Law

MUG5 in Philly – Photo by James Law

I am a freelance Creative Director / Multimedia Futurist capable of producing hi-end work, to tight time-frames, both nationally and internationally, whatever the required medium (music, design, film, photography, art and writing). A hands on executive, I am as capable leading a team to success as I am being the team – taking projects from concept to completion single handedly if the need presents itself. Need a team for your project but only have the budget for one or two people? I’m the guy that can help you get a team’s worth of work on your budget.

Based out of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, I am a United Kingdom Citizen with a United States Green Card and am willing / available to work on projects wherever they are located in the world. 2012 has proved to be my most productive year to date, having successfully launched multiple brands, worked extensively with a notable hi-end fashion brand on all of their motion graphics & video work from the web all the way to televised ad campaigns, including work for the world’s most prestigious retail store (Harrods).  I handled the pre-packaged video pieces for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and did a lot of work for  TV  - including shows and ad campaigns that were shown on National TV.  I also designed and coded a multitude of websites that, when combined, attract 10’s of millions of unique visitors each month to them; To top all of it off, I also developed, packaged and marketed a many of artists / bands and had my original art featured numerous places including one spot in a well know, national magazine.

I am always looking to expand my horizons by working with new individuals, companies, brands, record labels, bands & artists etc. If you like what you see, read or hear then don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact information on my contact page. 2013 is already set up to top 2012, so why not get involved and come and join me for the ride?


I enjoy the internet. As such, even when I am not working for others I am working on my own projects. Below are some of my key projects. Keep checking back though as I am sure it will continually be growing over the coming months!


Altsounds.com – Independent Music Journalism – For The People, Py The People


KingLoaf.com – THE website for the modern man


Independent Public Relations Specialists


The brand new website for the modern woman. Coming Q2 2012.



I partake in a ton of music compositions, performance, production, mixing and mastering for bands all over the world. I also have my own band Bleed Electric who have so far released four EPs with more being released in 2013 and beyond! Click one of the playlists below and hopefully you enjoy our sound.

My band…Bleed Electric

Bleed Electric – Future Fresh! Nu Skool Flava.


Bleed Electric is the brainchild of Welsh based Music Producer and Media Specialist Chris “MUG5″ Maguire, hailing originally from Blackwood in South Wales. Silk (S-Tradamus) and Siege recorded their second mix-tape with Chris during November 2008 and the sheer quality of the lyricism and vocal delivery sparked the idea of turning Bleed Electric into a real band, one that is original and that has never been seen or done before. Let’s call it the perfect marriage of skillset melted into one massive and powerful mixing pot.

MUG5, Silk and Siege are visually a melting pot, with each individual coming from completely different backgrounds, showcasing different styles and enjoying completely different music than one another. This tied together makes Bleed Electric’s originality of sound unlike anything that has ever existed before and that will probably never happen ever again. Let’s just put it down to fate. Being at the right place, at the right time.

Sit back and let Bleed Electric take you on a musical journey that you have never before experienced. There will be moments where it will scare you, moments it will force you to dance and anything [and everything] in between, above and beyond. Bleed Electric are history in the making. Make sure you can tell your friends that you loved Bleed Electric before anyone knew them!

Let the Invasion Begin [EP] || Released February 29th 2012 // AltSounds Records

So Sick [EP] || Released June 28th 2010 // AltSounds Records

The Last Night Of 1989 [EP] || Released February 2nd 2010 // AltSounds Records


Chris MUG5 Maguire – Best of 2010 Portfolio || My favorite musical productions of 2010


You might have seen my little signature mascot around the web, in magazines or on the back of CD covers etc. If so, you have already been acquainted with I-Scream whose purpose is to become my digital signature letting people know that the work they are seeing is a MUG5 piece of work. Think of it as my tag that shows other visitors and readers that “MUG5 Woz Ere”.

If you see I-Scream while you are on your travels then treat it as a mark of quality, knowing that I have been there and done that work. Keep your eye out for this little fella as you will be seeing him more and more in the future.

I-Scream – My digital signature